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How To Use Market Samurai For Keyword Research


As promised here are the walk-through videos on how I use Market Samurai to do keyword research and find low competition keywords to target.  I actually find a great niche with very low competition in the videos.  Feel free to steal the niche and go

SEO Is Not Dead…But It Is Changing


There has been a ton of talk recently about the end of SEO.  Google’s recent deindexing of several widely used blog networks and sending out “unnatural” link messages via Google Webmaster Tools has sent many people into a frenzy. Calm Down!  The sky is NOT falling. Here Review


Shoemoney just released his newest creation at and I have to say it’s pretty darn cool. SEO is really pretty simple yet so many people make it way to complicated. Most of the people who try to make it complicated are really just trying

How To Make Money With Market Samurai


After my last videos about finding great low competition keywords with decent traffic, the question I am getting most is about how to make money with these keywords. Well, here you go… If you have not downloaded your free copy of Market Samurai yet you

What Is The Value Of A #1 Ranking In Google?


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization everyone wants to be #1 in Google. And for good reason since Google has such a huge market share in the search industry. But how much of the traffic does the #1 listing in Google actually get? Well,