My Conversion Results From 1 Year Of Constant Split-Testing


I was looking through all the conversion testing results I have had for the last year in my Google Website Optimizer account and I thought it would be a great post to highlight several of the split tests I have preformed and the results of them.

1. Testimonials vs No Testimonials: For this test I simply tested the salespage without any testimonials vs the salespage with testimonials. I figured it was pretty obvious that testimonials would improve the conversion since they are a great way to use social proof but I was surprised at how little of an increase they made.

Results: With Testimonials – 1.9% conversion / Without Testimonials 1.56% conversion. A 22% improvement.

2. Price: This tested the conversion of selling my product for $47 vs $37 vs $27. This one is a little tricky because the best conversion rate is not always the winner. You have to actually compute how much you are making with each since the $47 price point can actually convert lower than the $27 price point and still make more money because of the extra $20 I make on each sale.

Results: $47 – 1.26 % conversion / $37 – 2.03% conversion / $27 – 2.84% conversion. In terms of money made, the $27 was most profitable but just barely when compared to the $37 offer.

3. Headline: In this test I simply tested 2 different headlines. Your headline is the most important aspect of your salespage in my opinion becuase it is what determines if someone readers your salesletter or simply clicks the back button. You only have a couple seconds to grab the readers attention and it is your headline that determines if they stay.

Results: Headline 1 – 2.7% conversion / Headline 2 – 2.2% conversion. The results show that you can make significant improvements in conversion by just split testing your headline. Go do it now.

4. Order Button: In this test I pitted 2 different order buttons against each other. Button 1 was blue and said “Buy Now” while button 2 was yellow and said “Add To Cart”.

Results: Button 1 – 1.66% conversion / Button 2 – 2.11% conversion. A 26% improvement just from the order button! Amazing in my mind how that could affect conversion so much. I got the yellow button from here which is from Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss.

5. Video vs No Video: In this test I put a video on the salespage which gave a walk through of the course I was selling vs the original salespage with no video.

Results: Video – 1.26% conversion / No Video – 1.14% conversion. The video did beat out the original but not by much. Of course it is totally dependent on how good the video, which might imply that the video I made wasn’t that great. Or maybe video is not as important as some people say it is.

6. Background Color – For this test I put a white background against a blue background. I am refering the the area outside the salespage and not the actual background of the salespage where the copy is. Of course I would think you always want that to be white.

Results: White Background – 1.31% conversion / Blue Background – 1.74% conversion. The blue background was the hands down winner in this one with a 32% conversion increase.

7. Custom Design vs Plan Design: This test I was checking to see if a custom mini-site design with a snazzy header and footer and cool graphic would beat out a plain design with no header or footer.

Results: Plain – 1.37% conversion / Custom – 1.6% conversion. The custom design showed a 17% increase in conversion so I would say that in my market it pays to get some cool graphics which actually make the site look more professional.

Hopefully seeing my results will help you with your own salespages. The real takeaway here is that testing is absolutely necessary for those that want to make the most money from their products. If you are not testing…you are losing money. Period. So get out there and start testing today.

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  1. Awesome test you did! I’m going to launch a video based membership site in the real estate investing niche… and this really helped.

    What price points would you recommend for a monthly continuity product?

  2. Daniel,

    It is going to vary greatly depending on the niche and what you have to offer. The best advice I can give is to test several price points ($47/$67/$97) and also keep note of how long members remain active with each price point (this is key).

    I would also recommend testing a lifetime option where they pay once for lifetime access (more upfront income that way)

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