How To Make Your First $500 Online


The biggest problem I see with people who are just getting started with their online business is that they are focused on the wrong goal.  Many people see all the big numbers these internet marketing “gurus” are pulling in and they think to themselves…”How can I use the internet to make a million dollars in a month?”

Well, the truth is you can’t!  It just doesn’t work that way.  Yeah some of the big name marketers make obscene amounts of money it a very short time but the one think you are forgetting is that they have been doing this for a very long time and have several advantages in their corner…like a huge list, other “gurus” who owe then a favor and promote their products and so on.

But if you look at when they got started they were most likely just focused on creating a couple hundred extra bucks a month to take care of some bills.  And this is exactly the mindset you should have.

Just focus on one bill, like your car payment, and work to make enough money to pay that bill.  So instead of trying to make millions just try to make $500 to pay a bill or two.

When you set your income goal lower you will have a much higher success rate and you won’t get distracted by the dreaded “shinny ball” syndrome that so many people do.  There is nothing wrong with big goals (and I recommend you have them) but you need to start small and then continually build on your successes.

So how do you do this?  Well, first off you need to have a method for making some money online.  Then just focus on that ONE (not 2, 3 or 10) method until you master it and make money with.  Then build on that or add new methods to your arsenal.

If you are still struggling to make any money online then I have something that may be of help to you.  This will not make you millions overnight.   Nope.  But it will help to put you on a clear path to making your first $500.  If you have 1-3 hours a week to complete one simple task then this may be just what you need….

Make Your First $500 Online Training System

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