How To Triple The Revenue Of Your Websites


Michael Campbell is a legend in the Internet Marketing world and he has added to his own legacy with his latest research findings.  Michael took the findings from from hundreds of heatmaps, clickmaps, web usability studies, eye tracking reports and ad placement suggestions from the bigger ad networks and created 30 templates based on this data, and tracked the amount of ad revenue generated, depending on ad position.

I can’t imagine how much work this took him but the results are something every website owner must see.  You can literally triple the amount of revenue from your websites by implementing some of his findings.

Most notably, for websites running AdSense ads his findings are pure gold.  But even for websites that promote affiliate products or even your own products his findings can help make sure your readers are seeing the ads you want them to see.

Michael compiled all the research and the revenue increases from all the different templates into a FREE ebook.  Yep, he is giving it away for FREE.  Not even an optin. He’s crazy!

Go check it out here:  Ultimate Heatmap

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