Be Careful of Domain Name Renewal Scams


Just the other day I received the following emailĀ  from… Be advised Do not miss, it is time to renew you domain name, the expiry date is 60 days . Our company allows to renew your domain name automatically. Follow this link in

Are You Busy…Or Productive?


I heard a great quote from Armand Morin. He said… “Be productive and not busy” That is a great thought to think about. As business owners running our own business it is very easy to stay busy for 8-10 hours a day. But are we

What Is The Value Of A #1 Ranking In Google?


When it comes to Search Engine Optimization everyone wants to be #1 in Google. And for good reason since Google has such a huge market share in the search industry. But how much of the traffic does the #1 listing in Google actually get? Well,

5 Tips For Article Marketing Success


I know many people that think article marketing doesn’t work anymore. Well…they’re wrong. Here are the stats from just one of my EzineArticles accounts… 8,353 clicks were delivered to my websites in May alone! And you will also notice that I didn’t even submit any

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