Shoemoney just released his newest creation at and I have to say it’s pretty darn cool.

SEO is really pretty simple yet so many people make it way to complicated. Most of the people who try to make it complicated are really just trying to sell you something that they claim will make it easier (go figure!).

Well, Shoemoney has really taken all the unnecessary stuff out of the equation and laid it down in as simple terms as possible which I really like. The service is free to start off with and all you do is enter in your domain and what keyword you are trying to rank for. The software then analyzes your site and your competitors based on the most important criteria like title tags, body text and links,

When it is finished analyzing your site it spits out a report with all the findings and tells you what you need to improve and what you have done right. Then all you need to do is go to work on the areas which need improvement.

It is a great tool from a guy who has actually had some great success with SEO. Go check it out at

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