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Introducing WP Shoppable

WP Shoppable is a WordPress plugin that allows users to turn any image on their site into a "Shoppable Image".

What is a Shoppable Image?

They are the latest, cutting edge technology that leverages "interactive content".

Shoppable images allow visitors to shop right from an image.  The user simply places hotspots anywhere on the image and then adds links to those products.  When a visitor clicks on a hotspot, they can buy that product.

Promote Any Affiliate Program

Users can choose from thousands of affiliate programs to use without any worries about API's!

WP Shoppable does not require users to have an Amazon API or API from any other affiliate program.  With the recent changes going on this is a huge benefit to the user and any can use the software.

A Tool Every Marketer Needs

If someone owns a website, they need WP Shoppable

Everyone has images on their website and, of course, they would like to start to monetize those images!  WP Shoppable has a vast potential audience and is not limited to one area of online marketing.

Why Promote?

Our Track Record Speaks For Itself

High Converting Sales Funnel

  • FE

    WP Shoppable ($17 - 50% Commission)

    Unlimited Site License

  • OTO1

    WP Shoppable PRO ($27 - 50% Commission)

    Allows users to automatically add affiliate products from Amazon.

  • OTO2

    Developers License ($37 - 50% Commission)

    Allows users to sell the sites they create and use it on clients sites.

  • OTO3

    iMarketer Club ($4.95 trial, then $27/mo - recurring)

    14 day trial to the iMarketers Club. After the trial members pay $27/mo and you receive recurring commissions.

Email Swipes


-Turn Every Image On Your Site Into a “Shoppable Image”

-Monetize EVERY Image on Your Site In Just Minutes

-Turn Your Images Into Commission Machines

-Are The Images On Your Site Making You Money?

-Quick Fix To Drastically Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

-Skyrocket Your Commissions with “Shoppable Images”

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Email 1:

When you go to a website, what is the first thing you notice?

That's easy, the Images!

Images grab your attention, your eyes are drawn to them and they stand out. So why are you not monetizing those images?

Well, now you can with this...

=>  Turn Your Images into Commission Generators (aff link)

With the brand new WP Shoppable plugin that can turn any image into a "Shoppable Image".

These shoppable images let you to add affiliate links directly into the image allowing your website visitors to buy anything that is shown in the image!

In short, in turns every image on your site into a commission machine.

=> Go See The Demo Here (aff link)

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-Boost Your Affiliate Commissions In Just 60 Seconds…


If you want an easy way to boost your affiliate commissions...

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This brand new WordPress plugin is a surefire way to dramatically increase your sites commissions by adding "Shoppable Images" to your site.

If you are not familiar with shoppable images, it's because it is a brand new technology that you can now easily add to your own site.

Once you see them in action, you will be blown away

–>  Watch The Amazing Demo Video Here (aff link)

You really need to check this out!


To Your Success

Email 3:

-Are you using "Shoppable Images" on your site?


If you are not using "Shoppable Images" on your site, then you need to start RIGHT NOW!

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Shoppable Images allow you to add MULTIPLE affiliate links to ANY image on your site.

This cutting edge technology is an easy way to boost your commissions in just a couple minutes.

Once you see them in action, you will be blown away

–>  Watch The Amazing Demo Video Here (aff link)

You really need to check this out!


To Your Success


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